Welcome to the wiki for the campaign! This page will be the Table of Contents for the campaign and will let you look up npcs , places, or past events you’ve been in or heard about.


  • Stormhammer Clan
  • Tarl Stormhammer
  • Garn Stonefist
  • Khazar Ironhelm
  • Faran Hearthfire
  • Banan Steelheart
  • Gian Goldbeard
  • Kianna Goldbeard
  • Lieutenant Hob
  • Moridan


  • Tarl’geth
  • Stormage
  • Stonehaven
  • Hearthold
  • City of Steel


  • Part 1: Conscription

The Key to Tarl'geth

Kermadac mandaburr Shibe